The CHRONOS Files is now part of Kindle Worlds!!

header_wNewAdminBuildingCHRONOS historians travel to the past to observe history as it happens. But Saul Rand isn’t content with simply observing. His plan: reshape history by creating a new religion and then stop anyone—by any means necessary—who doesn’t fall into line. In The CHRONOS Files, seventeen-year-old Kate travels through time to retrieve CHRONOS keys before they fall into the hands of Saul and his Cyrists, all while trying to tread through the past without erasing the memories of those she loves or her entire existence. But there are many other stories waiting to be told, from the voyages of the original CHRONOS historians to events in alternate timelines. Pick a realm and see where and when the CHRONOS key will take you. (Download pdf version of this guide.)

A Brief History of CHRONOS

Theoretical Background

CHRONOS Fields & Equipment

Reports from the CHRONOS Files Archives


Realm 1: The Historians

Realm 2: The Next Generation

Realm 3: The Cyrists and Fifth Column

Realm 4: Alternate Timelines


  1. Dawn Kiser

    I was noticing that there were some other books out there with titles about chronos files by other authors. But I wanted to know if this is something that you are ok with. I’m very particular about my books and don’t like reading books about the same thing unless by same offer. Because you have your dream of the way the story goes but I don’t agree with people trying to change or add to.

    Dawn Kiser


    • Rysa

      Hi, Dawn! Thanks so much for reading my series! The stories that you’ll see in the next few months in Kindle Worlds, Time Rift and Time Burned, are authorized fan-fiction. I’ve always been a champion of fan-fic, so I licensed the series as a “world” a few months back. Some of the stories (like these first two) are written by indie authors who have read and enjoyed the CHRONOS Files and wanted to tell a story within this universe. Others may be by readers who like to write as a hobby. I don’t edit or control the content, but I have posted an extensive “World Guide” on my website to help authors sort out the time travel rules, character timelines, etc. The best bet (as with *any* book) is to download the sample and see if the writer’s style is one that you like.

      So far, I’ve been very happy with the stories that have been written. Time Rift is set in Katherine’s time in the future, and deals with a CHRONOS historian who covers Viking history. Since that character will figure in the upcoming book 3 and also in the Prudence novella, I collaborated a bit with the author (E. B. Brown) and she has a good feel for the character of Tate. Her novellas aren’t necessary for understanding my books, but they will give some interesting background on that character. Time Burned by David Estes is a fun alternate timeline story that has Kate going back to the Salem Witch trials. Again, none of the stories in Kindle Worlds are necessary for understanding my series, but they give readers a little something that might appeal while I’m working on the next book and the Prudence novella.

      Thanks again for reading!


  2. Carmen

    I just have to say that I am so ‘in love’ with your books! I LOVE that there are more coming and that there are some for the interim while we wait for more. I really enjoyed the Novella you wrote between book 1 and book 2. I think I will have to go through and read them again…or maybe do the audiobooks with my 14 year old. I think he might like them. Very good stories! Excellent content. Curious if there are movies being talked about our not ;).

    Thank you for your books!


    • Rysa

      Thanks, Carmen! I’m delighted that you’re enjoying the series. We’ve had some film interest, but as with all things Hollywood, I’m not holding my breath 😉

      I can highly recommend the audiobook versions. Kate Rudd, who won awards for her wonderful reading of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, is the narrator for the books in the main series. And I was able to get Nick Podehl for the Kiernan novella–he *nails* the accent for Kiernan. Hope you and your son enjoy them– and thanks for reading!


  3. Brooke

    I have to tell you how much I LOVE your books! The great thing is that you’ve left such room for your characters to explore! You have the entire history of the world to explore, so many spinoffs that could be written, I just can’t wait to see where you take Kate and everyone! I am a HUGE fan! Love, love, love your books! Keep it up, even if just for me! <3


    • Rysa

      Thanks, Brooke! I’m delighted you’re enjoying the series. I’ll definitely be continuing the stories in some fashion, although Kate’s journey will probably be wrapped up w/ this third book. But you’re right–there’s still a lot of history left to explore. :)


  4. Ashley

    I just started reading this series and I can’t get enough! Thanks for creating such an intricate story line that kept me interested the whole time. I’m really looking forward to going out this weekend and picking up anything else I can find of yours!


    • Rysa

      Thanks, Ashley! So glad that you’re enjoying my books! This is my first series–the final book Time’s Divide, will be out in October, with a Prudence novella coming this summer. But I’m hard at work planning the next series. :)


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