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header_wNewAdminBuildingCHRONOS historians travel to the past to observe history as it happens. But Saul Rand isn’t content with simply observing. His plan: reshape history by creating a new religion and then stop anyone—by any means necessary—who doesn’t fall into line. In The CHRONOS Files, seventeen-year-old Kate travels through time to retrieve CHRONOS keys before they fall into the hands of Saul and his Cyrists, all while trying to tread through the past without erasing the memories of those she loves or her entire existence. But there are many other stories waiting to be told, from the voyages of the original CHRONOS historians to events in alternate timelines. Pick a realm and see where and when the CHRONOS key will take you. (Download pdf version of this guide.)

A Brief History of CHRONOS

Theoretical Background

CHRONOS Fields & Equipment

Reports from the CHRONOS Files Archives


Realm 1: The Historians

Realm 2: The Next Generation

Realm 3: The Cyrists and Fifth Column

Realm 4: Alternate Timelines

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