Panel and Signing at NY Comic Con

Posted: 7/10/18

I'm delighted to announce that The Delphi Effect has been nominated as best Young Adult Thriller in this year's International Thriller Awards. You can learn more about my book and the other nominees in this month's edition of The Big Thrill. If you're in NYC on 7/13, come see me at ThrillerFest 2018. Other writers who will be at the festival include George R. R. Martin, Lee Child, James Rollins, Lisa Gardner, and Megan Abbott.

I've also released a novella in the Delphi series this month. If you've ever wanted to know more about how Anna wound up abandoned with a note that read "This child is possessed," then you'll want to grab a copy on Kindle or Audible. You'll find The Abandoned: A Delphi Novella, along with The Delphi Effect and all of my other books at

Panel and Signing at NY Comic Con

Posted: 10/5/17

Coming to New York Comic Con? Stop in at our panel, where I'll be discussing the increasingly fluid line between SFF & reality with authors Hugh Howey, Meg Elison, PJ Manney, and Sean Gandert. After the panel, there will be a signing at Autographing Table 21...where you'll probably find me geeking out because we're at the table next to Jason Isaacs. :)

ConCarolinas 2017 Schedule

Posted: 5/22/17

Below is my schedule for this year's ConCarolinas. Tickets are available here: I'll also be signing books each day. A signing schedule will be posted at my author table.


Posted: 5/22/17

Those of you who have not yet read my CHRONOS short story, "The Gambit," should check out this deal. "The Gambit," which details Katherine's first CHRONOS mission with Saul Rand, is available solo for only 99¢. For a limited time, however, you can get this story at that same price, along with seventeen other science fiction tales, in the Sci-Fi Bridge anthology, At The Helm 2

And if you haven't signed up yet for SciFi Bridge, go feed your Kindle. Four free books, including the first At The Helm volume, just for signing up. Plus a chance to win dozens of books--including signed copies.


Posted: 3/22/17

If you're at this website, it's a safe bet that you like science fiction. I'm guessing you also like free books. And maybe even free signed books. If so, you need to check this out. Everyone who enters will get the CHRONOS novella, Time's Echo, along with three other free e-books. Plus, five winners will receive more than thirty additional e-books, and one grand prize winner will get more than thirty signed science fiction books--including two Star Wars Legends novels by Maya Bohnhoff, two books by Jennifer Foehner Wells, and my two books pictured here.

To enter, just head to the SciFi Bridge.

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under construction... The website has gotten a complete overhaul in the past few days. After two separate hacking incidents with WordPress (despite multiple precautions), I decided to rip the thing apart and put it back into plain old HTML, which is less prone to being hijacked...and which I can tweak and change without having to spend forever hunting down the specific folder where WordPress decided to hide the file I need.

The good news is that almost everything is back where I want it and looking much better than before. The bad news is that I still have a lot of old blog posts and CHRONOS Files stories to format...and a short story to finish...and taxes to prepare...and a manuscript to copyedit. So it may be a week or two.