Rysa Walker Science Fiction Author

The Delphi Resistance

What if your mind became your worst enemy?

On the run and struggling with evolving psychic powers, seventeen-year-old Anna Morgan and her equally gifted friends barely managed to escape the deadly experiments of the shadowy government operation known as the Delphi Project. Now Graham Cregg and his father, presidential candidate Ron Cregg, will stop at nothing to recapture the Delphi adepts they see as weapons to be controlled or destroyed.

Navigating an increasingly hostile landscape, Anna and her friends form a resistance to rescue adepts still in the Creggs’ ruthless grasp. More gifted kids vanish daily, but as public awareness of the Delphi Project grows, some begin to argue that the disappearances are a necessary evil.

Yet even as they face off against cold-blooded killers, government operatives, and a public intensely afraid of their powers, the greatest threat to Anna and the resistance may come from within themselves—and their own mysterious abilities could spell their ultimate downfall.

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Coming to New York Comic Con? Stop in at our panel, where I'll be discussing the increasingly fluid line between SFF & reality with authors Hugh Howey, Meg Elison, PJ Manney, and Sean Gandert. After the panel, there will be a signing at Autographing Table 21...where you'll probably find me geeking out because we're at the table next to Jason Isaacs. :)


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